I'll just throw this out there now. Dollar for dollar, this is the best reading and writing learning App that I've ever tried. I'm constantly looking for Apps to improve my 5 year old twin's reading and writing comprehension so I try out a lot of Apps. Word Wall has the best interface and the widest array of learning tools of any App that I've seen yet. All of that for a great low price.

What You Would Expect

There are certain things that you would expect out of an App designed to teach children to read and write. First you would expect that the App would combine a visual representation of the letter or word, with an audible pronunciation. Second you would expect that the App would give an example of where the kids would see the particular letter. A for example would be seen in apple.  These are the things that you would expect, and Word Wall doesn't disappoint.  It has all of the basics that you would look for in an App of this kind.


The Games

I have found (at least with my kids) if there aren't any good "games", they won't pay attention.  There has to be something that entertains them and keeps them interested. Word Wall does games right. There are 4 different games to play. From jigsaw puzzles, to memory games, they have a great selection. Each game keeps a running tally at the top of the screen telling you how many you have left to complete before you "win". They are all very interactive, an very well designed.


What I Didn't Expect

Something that I didn't expect that I found in this App lies within the word spelling section. The child selects the word combination "AM" for example. Word Wall spells it, and shows it, but then it uses it in a sentence and shows an image that depicts that sentence. For AM word wall gives you the sentence "I am happy." and shows a smiley face laughing. My twins found this section particularly exciting and it really kept their attention. I was both surprised and impressed with this.



Word Wall is a really great interactive App to teach children to read and write. at $.99 it's really a no brainer. If you have children learning to read and write, you should definitely get this App.


You can get Word Wall for iPad from the iTunes store for $.99 here: iTunes