Yahoo Fantasy Sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey)

Manage Your Fantasy Leagues from Your iPhone

I’ve never been a huge sports fan (short of MLB), but in an attempt to learn more about what’s going on in the NFL I decided this year was the year that I would join my brother’s fantasy football league. This is going to force me to pay attention to different games Sunday mornings other than casually checking out the local team. So I sat down with my brother and his friends and and did the (virtual) draft adding my players (almost all from the lists because I didn’t know what I was doing). When we were done, my brother explained that I needed to keep track of my players, and move guys around depending on who was playing that week. This sounded exactly like a task best done while the kids were practicing ballet or, soccer so I went looking for an App to manage my team. My brother’s league uses Yahoo, who have really created a feature packed App that allows me to watch, manage, and adjust my players.  This App takes Fantasy Football from my computer to my smartphone allowing me to have total access from wherever I am. It will definitely make the experience “that much better”.


Do It All From Here


The most important thing to me is being able to do everything I can from the computer, from my phone. From within my phone I can view as many teams/leagues as I’m signed up for with my particular user name. As you can see above, I am in two different leagues (groups of people) and I have 1 team in each league. So for my first league (League B) my team name is Show Me Your TDs. In league two (Sneaky Sundays) my team name is simply lykins. I can enter the respective league by tapping the team name. Once inside, my options are just as they are within the desktop/web interface.

I can see the entire league including what players other people have. I can access my team which houses all of my players both starting and bench. I can see the matchups which are what teams within the league are playing each other on a respective week. I can see what players are available to pick up (add to my team). I can also see any messages that are sent to me or general messages that are sent to everyone. All of these options are available through the tabs at the bottom of the screen.


When in the team button, in the top right corner of the screen is a small pencil icon. Tapping that icon brings up my team edits. From inside of this section I can swap my players from starting to the bench, and from the bench to playing. This is extremely important when a player gets pulled last minute and you want to bench them as to not lose points.  In the top left corner you see a home button. That will take you back out to the main screen showing all of your leagues and teams.


The Bottom Line

If you’re involved in Fantasy Football through Yahoo, you can’t afford not to have this App. It’s extremely well thought out, feature packed, and amazingly easy to use. During Fantasy Football, it’s a must have for me and after you try it, I’ll be you too!


MarketDash for iPad

One of the Apps that's missing from the iPad that Apple never ported over from the iPhone is the Stocks App. On the iPhone it's built-in, but on the iPad it's not. While you could argue that many people on the iPhone don't use the Stocks App, it just seems odd not to build it for the iPad. Since I am a Stocks App user I went in search of the "Best" Stocks App for the iPad. I've used a few Apps and they all seem to suffer from the same problem. Too complex! The native iPhone Stocks App is EASY, SIMPLE and CLEAN. I wanted that same experience on my iPad. My search ultimately led me to the Yahoo! MarketDash App. It has a big beautiful display. It's Easy to use. You can either use the App in a stand alone-fashion where you manually enter the stock symbols you want to track or you can log into your existing Yahoo account. 

The only thing that I would like to see added to this App is a Push Notification feature for when a stock hits a certain price. Otherwise, there's nothing else to say! If you want a stock App to keep up on your favorite stocks that's simple to use and best of all FREE, this is it!

You can get MarketDash for Free here from the iTunes