YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture for iPhone


Google seems to be on roll recently. The long awaited Google Maps App debuted and now Google has surprised us with a new App called YouTube Capture. Your iPhone can already capture video and once you shoot it you can go find it in the camera roll and share it to YouTube. The YouTube Capture App aims to streamline that process much like the way the Instagram App does for posting shots directly to Instagram. Just fire up YouTube Capture rotate your iPhone to landscape orientation (a good idea) and start shooting. Once you stop the capture you can immediately post it to YouTube and share it to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Again, this could all be done in iOS 6 without a special App, but it would take several steps more. Especially the part of sharing it to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. You can also choose to upload your video as Public, Unlisted or Private.

How well does it work?

I only did a quick test and found it to work as advertised although surprisingly the only problem I had was with Google+. It wouldn’t even let me activate Google+ until I relaunched the App. After I captured my video it told me that my Google+ circles were not available, but Facebook and Twitter were available and ready to use. Although my iPhone can capture 1080p video this App is limited to 720p. That’s probably fine for most quick videos that people want to capture and immediately post to YouTube. Speaking of which the App also gives you the option to upload any videos you have in your camera roll whether you shot them with the App or not. You can also shoot with the App and upload later. Once you shoot a video with the App you can also enhance it with Color Correction, Image Stabilization, Trimming and even YouTube SoundTracks for background music. Also in typical Google fashion, there is no iPad version yet. The funny thing is that I’m seeing more and more people shooting video with their iPads. Something I thought that wouldn’t catch on.

The Bottom Line

Although this App was a surprise and I wasn’t really asking for it, it will definitely be a nice to have. I expect to see a lot more videos on YouTube now as the process before took a few more steps than the casual user was probably willing to go through. Now you’ll see people shoot and share more videos and this is just in time for the holidays.

Thanks Google. (also please fix the Google+ issues)



YouTube Goes iPad Native

One of the things that Apple pulled from iOS 6 was the built-in YouTube App. This brought both pain and joy to different users. The pain was losing a familiar App, the joy was getting a new, better App that would be updated more frequently. Google shipped the stand-alone YouTube app right on time for it to be ready for the iOS 6 update, but there was one major thing missing. There was no iPad native version. That changed yesterday when Google updated the YouTube App to be a Universal App not only with iPad support, but also built-in AirPlay support as well. Very cool! This new update works well. I was able to log into my account and gain immediate access to my videos, subscriptions, playlists, etc. If you have an iOS device running iOS 6 or higher, you should get this App!

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Google Releases a Stand Alone YouTube App for iPhone

It’s no secret that Apple has been distancing itself from Google lately. I’m sure it has much to do with the whole Android thing. In iOS 6 Apple ditches Google Maps in favor of their own new Maps App complete with voice turn-by-turn directions (finally). One other thing that Apple has omitted in the upcoming iOS 6 is the built-in YouTube App. That’s right, the App is just gone! For many this wouldn’t have been too big a deal because the YouTube Mobile Web version was/is pretty good and in some ways even better than the original built-in App. The original App hadn’t received much of an update since 2007.

Google rolls out a new YouTube App

Not waiting for iOS 6 to be released, Google has already released a NEW YouTube stand alone App for iOS. You get the things you would expect from a native App

  • Sign in to your YouTube account to access your playlists, uploads, favorites, subscriptions, etc.
  • Read, respond to comments
  • Search
  • Easy video sharing to Google+, email, Facebook & Twitter
I find the App to be faster (at least it feels faster) than the native App. I also like the updated UI. However, in typical Google fashion they haven’t released an iPad native version yet. Sigh… Google, Is it really that hard to make a Universal App? Your Google+ App is beautiful! Let’s get some iPad love for this one.
If you have an iPhone or iPod touch and you plan on upgrading to iOS 6 or you just want a better YouTube experience than the one you get with the built-in App, then don’t hesitate to download this new App now. Another plus is that Google will no longer have to wait for Apple to update iOS in order to update their YouTube App.



720tube Uploads Your HD Videos to YouTube Directly

One of the reasons I upgraded to the iPhone 4 was to take advantage of the built-in HD (720p) video camera. However, I was left scratching my head when I found out that for some reason Apple doesn’t allow you to upload your 720p videos to YouTube at the full 720p resolution. It compresses them down to a lesser resolution (568×320). Now of course I understand bandwidth constraints of cellular networks, however they also compress them even if you upload via WiFi (and email).  That defies all logic with me! Why would I be restricted over WiFi.

720tube Uploads At Full 720p Resolution

Luckily this FREE App allows you to upload your 720p HD movies in all their HD glory directly from your iPhone 4. I’m happy to see this App exist as I now feel much more compelled to shoot and upload a video directly from my iPhone 4. Although this App does exactly what it says, I have gotten some “out of memory” messages popping up during upload, even though the upload completes just fine. I also would like to see support for the YouTube “unlisted” category in addition to Public and Private.

You can download 720tube here for Free from the 720tube