As you know here at Best App Site we don't review just any old App. In order to make it here it has to be one of the BEST Apps on the App Store. We've seen and reviewed hundreds of great Apps in 2011, but now it's time to pick the BEST of the BEST! Erik Bernskiold, Jason Lykins and myself have narrowed down our favorites to provide this list of what we feel were the 100 BEST APPS of 2011!




Audible for iPhone

I quite enjoy listening to the great audiobooks made by Audible and have been a subscriber for quite a while. Their app has a full audiobook store, allowing you to download new books without being at your computer. It also contains all your purchases and some fun stats of your listening habits.

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Bobo Explores Light

Awesome interactive App to teach kids about light, it's different sources, it's history and more!

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Princess Dress Up My Sticker Book

If your daughter loves the Disney princesses and also likes playing dress up, this is the App for her. Choose your Disney princess then dress and accessorize her!

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The Monster at the end of the book


One of my Twins' favorite Apps. This is a digital take on a classic kids book starring furry, lovable Grover from sesame street.

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Adobe Connect Mobile

Does your company hold meetings online using Adobe Connect? If so you definitely want to get the iPad and iPhone app, allowing you to tune in to meetings from wherever you are without having to have your computer with you. Should you wish, you can also participate in the meeting right from the app.

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Analytics HD

If you're a website owner you want to be able to keep track of your site's statistics. Google Analytics is the most popular analytics solution right now and Analytics HD lets you check your stats on your iPad (with an iPhone version available separately).

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CardMunch allows you to take a picture of a business card and then upload it to a service that will convert it to text, proof read it and deliver it wirelessly back to the App. From there you can add it to your contacts. Amazing and it's FREE! No more typing, no more OCR errors.

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Contract Maker ELITE

This is probably the most customizable forms App on iOS. You can create contracts and agreements right on your device, add fields, popups, rollers, etc. and best of all signature fields and photo fields. Carry all your business agreements and contracts on your iOS device.

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FileMaker Go for iPad

FileMaker Pro is an industry standard database app on the desktop. With FileMaker Go you can not only take your databases with you, but you can also access them remotely via the internet. I Love This App and it makes my iPad that much more useful!

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FTP on the Go

Access your FTP accounts remotely on your iOS device with ease. Move files, create directories, and more right within the App. 

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PDF Expert – Fill Forms, Annotate PDFs

PDF Expert was the 1st iPad App that allowed us to Fill in PDF Forms on iPad. It's also a great general purpose PDF viewing and storing App with Dropbox syncing support.

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Take Credit Card payments right from your iOS device with Square and the square card reader. No monthly service charges and comparable percentage fees.

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Teach your kids their ABC's with this fun interactive iPad App.

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360 Live

If you are a gamer on XBox and you game with your friends via XBox Live, then you want this App. It allows you to quickly glance and see which of your buddies are online and what they're playing.

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Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas 1.1

Given that all iDevices have touch screens it is nice to have an application that lets you use that feature to draw. With Adobe Ideas you can get together very nice sketches or drawings for later use or just for quick fun.

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Harmony Link

This App is the companion to the Harmony Link device that enables you to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a WiFi remote to control your TV/Stereo gear. 

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If you have HBO via your cable provider then there's a good chance that the Free HBO Go App will let you enjoy your favorite HBO shows on the go with no additional fees. I used this App to catch up on all the missed episodes of Boardwalk Empire season one. Great experience.

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IMDb Movies & TV

There are so many usages for this app that I don't know where to begin. IMDB is the best database online containing all movies and series that you can think of, their actors, cast and crew. Need to look something up? Go to the IMDB app.

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iTunes Movie Trailers

The Apple Website has been a long time source for seeing high quality movie trailers. I was actually surprised that it took them so long to bring this to iOS. However, now that it's here it's a must have App for seeing movie trailers that are coming to theaters.

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Movies by Flixster

The Flixter app lets you see user-written reviews for movies playing in theaters and available to buy. It's a quick way of deciding whether you really want to get the movie you are thinking about or if you are better off with something else. It'll also give you suggestions on what to watch.

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If you have a TiVo Premiere or TiVo HD then you definitely want to get this App. The TiVo App lets you remote control and schedule recordings. On iPad it's one of the most visual TV Apps I've seen to date. Manage your Season Passes and get show information.

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American Express

If you have "The Card" then you should also have "The App". The American Express App lets you manage your card(s) see activity, schedule payments and even check your Rewards balance. 

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Chase Mobile

I have accounts at different banks, but I opened a checking account at Chase just to use their App! Their App allows you to not only check your balances, do bill pay and transfer money, but it also allows you to deposit checks from your iOS Device. Just take a picture, fill in a few details and save yourself a trip to the bank. 

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Contract Killer

You become a sniper for higher. Take out the bad guys with a steady hand and watch out for the civilians. 

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Monopoly for iPad

I loved the iPhone version last year and couldn't wait for EA to bring out an iPad version. They finally did. It's here and it looks great. Nice animations and good game play with lots of multi-player options too.

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Tilt To Live

To finish with, I wanted to include a fun little game available separately for both iPad and iPhone. Your goal is to tilt your iDevice to kill enemies in the form of red dots with your arrow. Sounds boring when I explain it? Give it a shot and see if you don't get hooked.

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Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings

No best of list is complete without at least one game. Tiny Wings is one of my favorite games on the app store. It's simple and easy to kill some time with when you need to. It's goal is to go as far as possible before the night catches you, at which point it is game over. Try it, it's a bit hard to explain.

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The WiScale App works in conjunction with the Withings WiFi Scale. Step on the scale and the results are wirelessly transmitted to your Withings account. Use the App to check and track your progress.

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Apple Store

The Apple Store App lets you search and order items from the online Apple Store. This new version also allows you to do self check out in the Retail Apple Stores directly on your iDevice. Just connect to the Apple Store WiFi, scan the barcode and pay using your iTunes Account.

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Instead of carrying a special wallet of loyalty cards or cluttering up your keychain, use the CardStar app to consolidate them all into one place. You can then access bar codes for each and every card right from the app.

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Chipolte Ordering 

Order food from the best burrito place in the world right from your iPhone and have it ready and waiting when you arrive. 

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Keep track of your favorite recipes. Search and find new recipes in the extensive built in database.

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I drink Starbucks a couple of times a week and it's a pleasure using the App to pay, find locations, check hours, get menus and and nutrition info.

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Viper Smartstart

Allows you to control your Viper Remote Start System from your iPhone.

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Pandora Radio

Internet Radio App that allows you to create custom stations with your favorite content. Pick your favorite artist, song, genre, etc. and Pandora will suggest other music that it thinks you will like. A built in rating system helps Pandora learn your tastes so it can recommend more music that you'll like. 

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This App let's you pick songs from your iDevice and attach them via email to share.

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Being able to just hold up the iPhone and get to know what is currently playing somewhere is pretty cool. What's even cooler is that it lets you hum or sing a tune and it will try and recognize it, giving you links to purchase it.

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Navigon North America

My favorite Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation App got a major overhaul in 2011 and the new features and interface are great.

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Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car or how long you have paid for? With Parkbud, you have a helper app to make sure this doesn't happen again. Just press a button in the app when you have parked and the app will mark your car on a map using the iPhone's built-in GPS.

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Last year, Flipboard was the best app overall in the app store and this hasn't changed a bit. With the release of their iPhone application and the ability to sync your news resources across both the iPad and iPhone, Flipboard is my favorite news-reading application.

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Keep up to date on Tech, social media, entertainment news, and more with this Mobile version of the popular website

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Read It Later Pro

Reading on a mobile device is a wonderful experience but there are the times that you just don't have time to look at this article you just found. Bookmark it to Read It Later and you can go back in their app (or website) at any time to continue reading. It also has an offline mode so that you can catch up on the plane for example.

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Stitcher radio

If you're a radio person, you'll like Stitcher Radio which simply lets you listen to your favorite radio channels right from their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app.

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Quite possibly my (Jason's) favorite App for the iPad. This personalized digital magazine brings you your favorite content with an easy to use interface.

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The iOS companion to the up and coming photo sharing website of the same name, this App makes interacting with 500px content easy and fun. 

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Acquire for Photoshop

Take a photo on your iPhone and get it sent right into Photoshop. Sounds like a dream? It isn't by using Acquire which integrates your iPhone and Adobe Photoshop so that you can easy bring content in and work with it.

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Combined with a blueSLR bluetooth module attached to your compatible Nikon DSLR, this App allows you to use your iPhone to geotag your DSLR photos as you take them indoors or out.

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Easy Release

I use Easy Release on a regular basis for model and property releases. The formatting is great and the App saves me time and eliminates paper.

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Flickr Studio

Flickr Studio is my (Terry's) favorite Flickr App for iPad. I love the user interface and feature set.

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Hands down the best way to interact with Flickr for your iPhone and iPad – Jason Lykins.

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Voted App of the Year by Apple for 2011. This photo filter and sharing App is taking the iPhone world by storm. Take, filter, and share your photos with the Instagram community as well as your favorite social media sites. 

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You can sync with your computer or email photos, but sometimes you need to just get a photo/video to or from your iDevice and that's where PhotoSync comes in. It easily allows you to send photos/videos back and forth from your computer, Dropbox or other iDevices via WiFi or Bluetooth.

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One of the coolest ways to make a panorama must be using Photosynth. All you do is hold up your iPhone and let it take photos, rotating as you go. The app shows you where you have taken a photo and where you have not. Once you are done it will stitch together an amazing panorama with no effort required.

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Plastic Bullet Camera

One of my favorite special effects Apps for photos. Gives images a nice soft and colorful vignette. They just released it as a universal App for iPad too!

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Pocket Light Meter

Your iPhone has a camera on it and that means you have a light meter in your pocket too. Granted it's not the most accurate in the world and nor will it fire your strobes, but works in a pinch and it works well.

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Portfolio for iPad

Still my favorite way to display my work as a photographer. With it's customizable branding and selective gallery locking, this is the App that sets the standard for Portfolio display.

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Release Me

Easy to use model release App for iPhone and iPad. No Photographer should take a photo of a person without getting a release, and with this App you never have to! 

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Shuttersnitch is the closest thing we have to tethering to an iPad. In fact it does allow for wireless tethering. I shoot with my D7000 to an Eye-Fi card and those images automatically show up on my iPad 2 as a take them right in Shuttersnitch. 

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The Photographer's Ephemeris

Learn where and when the sun and moon will rise and set at any given locations, on any given day. Indispensable for any photographer. 

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Bento for iPad


While FileMaker is the king of Databases, Bento is the one for the rest of us. With an array of built-in customizable templates you can either use this App as is or sync your data with Bento for Mac. 

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Dropbox is my favorite cloud based storage service and their App means that I have access to all of my Dropbox files no matter where I go on either my iPhone or iPad. I can easily download them or send download links to whomever I want. 

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Files Connect

I have a Mac OS X Server at home and when I simply want to access the files on it via the AFP protocol, Files Connect is a slick easy App to do so with. It can also do SMB and FTP as well as SFTP and WebDAV.

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GarageSale HD

As a gadget buyer, I often sell my older gear via eBay. My favorite App for creating and managing eBay auctions on the desktop is GarageSale. Now there's an iPad version too. You can create eBay auctions with ease and best of all it's all template driven.

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Sorting and arranging documents to read and work with on the iPad is made much easier using GoodReader, an application which is our top choice when it comes to file management on the iPad. It integrates with a number of cloud services for easy use.

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Grocery Gadget

This App became my favorite iOS grocery list App not only because it can sync between multiple iOS devices, but also because you can either add to the list from your iDevice or via their website. Lastly I love that you can also include a picture of the item on the list to make it easier to find. No tedious typing, just scan the barcode of the item and you can add it to your shopping list.

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My buddy Larry showed me this awesome iPad note taking App and I was blown away by all the features. Clearly the best notes App for the iPad in terms of drawing, writing, typing and handwriting. Not to mention audio recording, annotating PDFs and syncing notes with Dropbox. Yep, this one has it all!

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OmniFocus is a todo list application available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as well as on the Mac. The app has many powerful tools for sorting and getting things done in an efficient way. In addition, it syncs with one of many available cloud services, including their own OmniSync Service which is free.

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Even coding can be done right from your iPad using Textastic, a great application for editing a website (it has built-in FTP!) on the go when there's an emergency or just for crunching some code while you're on the go without your laptop.

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Google Translate

As much as I would like to learn another language, I just haven't done it yet. This is why I rely on Google Translate when I travel abroad. I can enter text in one language and have it translate to another. 

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Echofon Pro for Twitter

While the Twitter branded client is free and gets the job done, I prefer the interface and features of Echofon Pro for Twitter. 

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Facebook for iPad

The official Facebook App. Lets you connect and use Facebook as you would on the desktop with an interface designed for iOS devices. They finally released an iPad version in 2011. The latest iPhone update also includes Timeline support.

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Find My Friends 


This is one of Apple's newest apps and similar to Find my iPhone, it can keep you up to the whereabouts of your friends and family. Provided of course that they accept you as a "Find my Friend" friend. Also at any point that you don't want to be tracked you can switch it off (provided you're not a kid whose parents enabled it with parental controls). 

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Skype for iPad

FaceTime is great, but FaceTime only works from iDevice to iDevice or Mac to Mac or iDevice to Mac. Also it only works via WiFi. Skype on the other hand is on just about all the major platforms including Android and Windows. This means that with Skype for iPad you're going to be able to video chat or call a lot more people.

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Verbs IM

Hands down, Verbs is one of the most gorgeous IM clients that I have seen. It allows the usual range of IM services and its feature set is nothing beyond standard. However, when it comes to the user interface, it is beyond any other IM app that I have tried.

Get it here from the Verbs IM - #include tech.



At Bat 11: Keep up with your favorite teams as well as the latest baseball news right from your iOS Device.

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NFL ’11

The best way to follow your favorite NFL Teams as well as all of the scores, stats, and news from the NFL.

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Gas Buddy

Fight back against high gas prices by finding the lowest prices near you quickly and easily. 

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Taxi Magic

This App actually does work like magic. If you're in a "dispatch" area you can actually book a taxi right from your iDevice and it will go through the local dispatch system complete with tracking and all the info about the taxi like the driver's name and taxi number. When the ride is over you can even pay right from your device. I've used this a lot in San Francisco. Love it!

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The World Clock

The iPad doesn't have the iPhone's Clock App. Therefore I went in search of one with multiple time zones and regions. The World Clock is beautifully done.

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Tipping Guide

Tipping in the US is pretty standard, but tipping abroad varies greatly from no tip at all to 15-20%. It all depends on where you are. That's why I love having the Tipping Guide on my iPhone.

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TripIt Travel Organizer

TripIt for iPad

TripIt keeps all my travel plans, confirmation numbers and details in one easy to access spot. Sign up for a free account. Then just forward your itineraries to the special email address and the system automatically detects them and adds them to your trip plans. Now with the TripIt App you can not only see them, but you can make modifications and they finally made it a Universal App with iPad support too.

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If I were to give an award for most impressive technology in an App, WordLens would get it. This App dynamically translates one language to another when you point your iDevice camera at the text. It's primarily for signs, but the implications are mind blowing.

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1Password Pro

When I reviewed 1Password for the very first time I had many fewer passwords and codes that I needed to remember and use. Today, this app which is a companion app to the amazing Mac (or Windows) app just gives you all the information on the go on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Get it here from the 1Password Pro - Agile Web Solutions



The iPad's screen is pretty decently sized as it is. At 1024x768px you can definitely benefit from using AirDisplay to extend your desktop or laptop computer's screen. You get an extra display to put things like IM or Social Media on (or panels in Photoshop!) so that you can keep your main display focused on the main task at hand.

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AirPort Utility

Apple's AirPort Utility for iOS let's you setup and maintain current AirPort Base Station models without the need for a Mac or PC. This makes it that much easier for someone with an iPhone or iPad as their only computer to configure an AirPort WiFi hotspot.

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Watch Divx and .avi files right on your iOS device without converting them first. 

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iCab Mobile

While the Safari browser in iOS 5 has come a long way, iCab Mobile still offers many more features that make it feel more like a desktop browser. It was 1st with tabbed browsing and it still allows you to download file where Safari doesn't. iCab has a host of other plug-ins/widgets too. It can even appear to be a desktop browser so that it can load sites that try to force a mobile version when it's a iOS device. It can even sync bookmarks with Dropbox.

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iHandy Level

This App uses the accelerometer in your iDevice and turns it into a Level. Great for hanging pictures.

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IP Cam Viewer Pro

This great App lets you view your webcams right on your iOS device. I have a few Panasonic IP cameras at home and at the studio. It's great being able to monitor with this App. They are constantly adding support for new cameras.

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Nightstand Central

One of the best Alarm Clock Apps for the iOS device.

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Number Guru

Do a search on any number right from your iPhone with no hidden costs or restrictions. 

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Presentation Clock

I use this App every time I'm doing a live presentation. It not only helps me stay on time, but it also let's me know how much I've gone over.

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Want to know if that item that you're holding in your hand is the best price you can get? Scan it with RedLaser and see who else is selling it, and at what price! It also does QR codes now.

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If you're looking for a great, FREE QR Code Scanner that's a Universal App, look no further.

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I use all the time on my laptop to check internet speeds at various locations. The iPhone version is designed to take advantage of the iOS interface and does a nice job graphically to show you the results.

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Stash: Private Photos, Videos & Documents

While it's a little easier to organize pictures into Albums in iOS 5, there is still no way to arrange them in the albums, nor is there a way to password protect them from prying eyes. Stash is my goto App for the ultimate in photo and video organization right on the iOS device. It can now even pull things in from Dropbox as well as iTunes or your camera roll. It gets backed up with the rest of your data.

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System Activity Monitor


If you've ever wondered with your iDevice is all of a sudden running slow, hot or draining the battery quickly, you may have an App that's out of control. System Activity Monitor can give you a peek at what's running high.

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iOS version of the popular desktop Analytics application.

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Apps for checking the weather is a category that has many great ones in it. The beauty of Celsius and Fahrenheit is that they show the current temperature as an app badge on the home screen. Isn't that nice? There's also a Celsius version.

Get it here from the  Fahrenheit - Weather and Temperature on your Home Screen - International Travel Weather Calculator


The Weather Channel

A great alternative to the built in weather App developed by The Weather Channel. 

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