One of the iPhone Apps that I have been waiting for the longest is a native App from Delta Airlines. I Fly Delta several times a month on average and having a native App means faster access to my itineraries and check in info. Recently I reviewed the American Airlines App and although I rarely fly AA, I can appreciate their well thought out App. As a matter of fact their App kinda set the bar for how well an airline App can be done. My long wait was ended this week when Delta released their "Fly Delta" App for iPhone (only works with iOS 4 and higher!) The App covers my basic needs in that I can save my login credentials, view my itineraries, see my mileage balance, search for flights, check in for flights and even mark my parking spot with a location tag, note and a photo. 

This is great, but there are missing features

While I applaud Delta's efforts and am truly thankful to have this App, there are some features that I'm missing right off the bat. For example, I can see my current Medallion Skymiles balance, but that's it. I can't get a breakdown of my miles, nor does it seem to show your remaining miles to fly to achieve the next Medallion Level. While I can search for flights, I can't actually book flights using the App. There are no terminal Maps, nor does there seem to be any push notifications of flight changes/cancellations. It would also be nice to be notified via the App when it's time to check in. Lastly, while I rarely ever check a bag, when I do I'd love to see which baggage carrousel my bag is going to be on from within the App as I leave the plane.

The Bottom Line

This is a great start, but there are so many more possibilities. I look forward to continued progress of this App. If you fly Delta, then you should probably go ahead and get this App. It is FREE after all, so there's really no reason not to have it. Also one thing that may tick a lot of users off is that this App requires iOS 4. So it really cuts out a large user base that otherwise would probably benefit from the App. 

You can get the Fly Delta App here from the Fly