Any frequent traveler will tell you the value of sticking with one hotel chain and one airline as much as you can. It's all about the points! Sure there are times when it makes more sense from a location and price factor to stay at a different hotel, but when all things are equal it pays to stay at the same chain as often as possible. One of the perks (and trust me, there aren't many of them) business travelers often get is the ability to keep their points/mileage. This really comes in handy at vacation time because it often means that you can go to a nice place and stay for free! Although I've traditionally been a Marriott guy, I'm finding myself at more Hiltons these days than ever before. So I went in search of an App and yep, Hilton has one.

Hilton gets it with their App

It doesn't take much to make a good Hotel App. Think about the things you would want. You probably want to be able to do a search, see the rates, book your stay, see your upcoming reservations and view your points. Hilton's app does all of these things plus a couple more. The App is pretty straight forward. It's Free and does what I need. One thing that I think is pretty neat is that you can pre-order amenities to be in your room upon arrival. For example, let's say you know you're going to be getting in late. Probably too late for dinner. So you can order a couple of snacks to be on hand to tie you over until morning. Nice! The App also has a Specials section with deals and most importantly offers the option of remembering your username and password for the Hilton Honors screen. If you frequent Hilton properties, this is an App you'll want.





Order snacks ahead of time right in the app


Search for hotels around your current location


You can also check out any Specials going on right in the App.