Good light is the key to good photography. When it comes right down to it, it’s not the camera, it’s not the lens; it’s the light. With that in mind, anytime I head out to take advantage of the “golden light” I always reference The Photographer’s Ephemeris on my iPhone. Packed in this one little app is everything you need to plan your day of shooting whether you’re a landscape, portrait, or any other type of photographer. If you want to know the location of the Sun, or the moon on any day, at any location this is the app for you.

What you get

The list of what you get with this app is huge. As a matter of fact there are so many things packed into this app that I find myself not using most of them. This app touts itself as a tool to help with the planning of all types of outdoor photography. What it does (and does well) is gives you the time and direction of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset. This is all I use it for, period. I don’t use times of civil, nautical and astronomical twilight but its there if you want it along with many other features that work great but are a little more intense than I need. What I do use is movable pins, specific date selection, and location saving. The movable pins allow you to find all of the sun and moon data for any particular location no matter where it is. Moving pins is done by tapping a finger and dragging to the desired location on the map. The date selection works just like you would think. Tapping the right or left hand on the bottom of the screen moves the date forward or back. If a specific date is desired there is also a calendar option. The calendar is my method of date selection especially when moving more than one or two days ahead. The last feature that I use is location saving. With this feature I can save my favorite locations to reference back to whenever I want. There is no limit to this list, and the locations can be wherever you want. It isn’t limited to “popular” or any fixed lists.


Get it. This is a quality application that has been very thoughtfully and carefully designed. From the interface to the function everything is done well with this app.

You can get it here for $8.99 from the The Photographers Ephemeris - Crookneck Consulting LLC