One of the Apps I missed right off the bat when I got my iPad was the iPhone's built-in "Clock" App. On the iPhone you have an App that allows you to add in various clocks for regions around the world. You also get a timer, stop watch and Alarm Clock. Since this App isn't built-in to the iPad I started looking for alternatives. The World Clock certainly fills the gap left from not having a multiple-timezone clock on the iPad nicely. The App shows you a real-time map of the earth with the daylight and night time areas nicely displayed. You can add multiple clocks for the cities/ time zones that you want to keep track of. You can also display additional information besides the time such as the date, GMT offset, time difference (from the iPad's clock), solar noon and sunset times, and a digital time display. 

It's interactive too

Besides having a pretty look to it, the map is actually interactive. Just drag the map left or right to see a time offset in all of your clocks. This can help you figure out what time it's going to be in various places when you adjust the map. This is all great, but I would like to see a few more "scheduling" type features for picking the best time in multiple timezones to have a meeting. For that feature I LOVE Time Scroller on the iPhone, but Time Scroller isn't a native iPad app yet. 

If you're a frequent traveler or you deal with multiple time zones on a regular basis, this is a great App to have on your iPad. 

You can get The World Clock here from the The

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