If you're an iPad owner it's always great to see one of your favorite iPhone Apps redone for the iPad. My favorite task manager is "Todo" by Appigo. I've used it for years and I just really like the simplcity of it and more importantly the fact that it syncs with my To Do List in iCal. Although I was perfectly happy in the beginning with using it as a standalone app, when they later added direct syncing to iCal over WiFi I was completely sold. 

If I don't write it down it's not going to happen

As much as I'd like to think that I have a good memory, I really don't. The older I get the more out of sight out of mind I become. So I depend on calendar reminders AND my Todo list. I was OK running the iPhone/iPod touch version of Todo on my iPad but I had my fingers crossed that they would introduce an iPad version too and now my wait is over. Todo for iPad is GORGEOUS! The functionality is pretty much the same, but the look and feel is really good on the iPad. Good use of space and design as well as both tall and wide viewing modes. I love having the extra real estate.

What about Things?

I can't ever seem to mention Todo without someone commenting on how much they like "Things" for iPhone (and now iPad). Guys, I actually own Things! Yep, I sure do. Believe it or not I bought it FIRST! The thing (pardon the pun) that made me keep looking for a task manager after I bought Things originally was that Things (a great app for sure) was more complex than I needed. It seemed back then (first version) that it took too many steps to enter a simple To Do. I wanted something quick and easy. When I came across Todo I uninstalled Things and have been using Todo ever since. So if you're a Things user, that's great! However, I prefer Todo for "my" needs. 

You can get Todo for iPad here and Todo for iPhone/iPod touch here.


The Bottom Line

At the end of the day Todo does EXACTLY what I need it to do. It lets me enter my Todos quickly when I just need to say something like "pick up the dry cleaning" or it let's me be detailed if I need to. The syncing with iCal let's me manage my To Do List no matter where I happen to be. Also it's great because of the push notifications and using the same categories in iCal. I can't say enough good things about this App and how much it helps me stay on top of things (again no pun intended). Besides the iCal sync and push notifications I would probably say the third biggest feature that I really really like is the choice between the two entry modes. If you need to enter a quick Todo then tap the lightening bolt plus sign, enter your task and you're done. If you need to be more detailed then tap the regular plus sign and choose what kind of task it is, due date, priority, category, etc. etc. It also integrates well with your other data. For example, if you need to enter a task that involves making a call you can actually lookup one of your contacts right in Todo and make that your task. When it comes time to make the call you can dial the person right from Todo. It's this easy approach that won me over from day one.

The iPad version is currently being offered at a low introductory price, so I would grab it now while you can!