Having both an iPhone and an iPad there are Apps that I use on both. So I thought I would share with you my picks for the Top 10 Universal Apps for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. These are the 10 Apps that I love to use on either the iPhone or the iPad. They are also + Apps which means they are Universal Binaries that you download once and install or either iOS Device and the App takes complete advantage of the iOS Device that it's installed on. So here goes in no particular order:


FlightTrack Pro


FlightTrack Pro is hands down my top favorite travel App. This App along with Push notifications has saved me more than once. The was one of my first Apps to go Universal and it's gorgeous on the iPad. Also on the iPad you have the option of an in App purchase that allows you to see the arrival/departure boards for just about any airport. The fact that it syncs with TripIt is just icing on the cake. Great App!

Get FlightTrack Pro here from the FlightTrack


Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ recently became a Free download. I love this App on the iPhone because I can use the iPhone's camera to scan the barcodes of items that I want to add to my list quickly. I love it on the iPad because it syncs the lists with my account and therefore I can view or edit a list with the nice big iPad display.

Get Grocery iQ here from the



Pandora Radio

This was already a great App. However, with the new iOS 4 multitasking support, it's now a must have! It's also awesome on the iPadl Just select your favorite artists and listen to hours of commercial free music.

Get Pandora Radio here from the Pandora


1Password Pro

This App has literally made my life so much easier and my identity that much more secure. Many of us are guilty of using the same password for everything because it's easy to remember. With 1Password Pro I can have more secure password and different password for everything I do. This App sync with the desktop Mac version and that makes it a must have for me. 

Get 1Password Pro here from the 1Password


Speaker Clock

This App is one of the tools that I use to manage my time on stage. As a presenter I usually have a limited amount of time to speak. So I need a count down that i can look at at a glance and see exactly how much time I have left. This App is GREAT on both the iPhone and iPad. It keeps the display active and works in either portrait or landscape and that makes it great for a docked iOS Device.

Get Speaker Clock here from the SpeakerClock


Delivery Status

This is another one of those, "how did I ever get by without this" kind of Apps. With Delivery Status Touch I can copy and paste tracking numbers that I get via email right into the App and have it track all of my shipments in one place. On the iPad there's a nice integrated Map that shows you exactly where you package is (or was last). 

Get Delivery Status Touch here from the Delivery


Easy Release

As a photographer I'm always having my models sign model releases. Although I prefer the Contract Maker Pro for being more customizable, I do love the fact that Easy Release is universal on both the iPad and iPhone (where I do most of my releases) and it produces a great looking one page release. So if you're looking for a Model/Property release App for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch, this is it.

Get Easy Release here from the Easy



I love the concept of SkyGrid. Put quite simply, this App tracks the most popular/trending stories out on the internet. For me this is great addition to my RSS feeds because it shows my the "news" that I may be interested in regardless of what site it happens to be from. This started out as an iPad only App, but then they made it universal so that it works across all iOS devices. 

Get SkyGrid here from the SkyGrid


Amazon Mobile

Amazon has been one of those etailers that I've always had good luck with. Whenever, I'm thinking about buying just about anything one of the first places I check is Amazon.com. With their App on the iPhone you can take a picture of an item and within minutes you get a response of what that item is and whether or not they carry it as well as the price if they do. On the iPad the shopping experience is great too. Again, this is one of those Apps that takes great advantage of all iOS devices.

Get Amazon Mobile here from the Amazon


Chopper 2

I was a fan of the original "Chopper" game for iPhone, so needless to say I was very interested to see the sequel. This new version does not disappoint. The scenery is more photo realistic and the missions are definitely more challenging. I play this mostly on the iPad, but it's great to play it on the iPhone too when I'm in a waiting/line situation. This game makes great use of the the accelerometers and tests your hand and eye coordination to the max. As a bonus, if you do have both devices you can actually use your iPhone/iPod touch as a controller to the game running on the iPad. Sweeeeeeet!

Get Chopper 2 here from the Chopper