If you haven’t spent money on a travel app, then go grab TripCase at the great price of FREE. I know, free usually equates to annoying ads & compromised functionality, but in this case you–my frugal traveler–come out ahead.

Sounds like TripIt

TripCase organizes flight, hotel & car information into a single trip and is available for the iPhone, Android & Blackberry. A trip can be created by using a Record Locator (6-alpha character code) or a Trip ID (12-digit numeric code) either of which may be listed on the travel itinerary. It is also possible to simply forward the confirmation email to trips@tripcase.com and the service will parse the message automatically entering the data.

Once a trip has been created, TripCase uses information contained in your itinerary for real time notifications. As you drive to the airport, TripCase provides traffic advisory info, alerts to any flight changes, allows options for finding alternate flights, and when you arrive early at your destination reminds you to check into your hotel with proper contact info. Need a route to the hotel? No problem, TripCase uses iPhone GPS and maps a route for you. “Intelligent Messaging” is the key feature that separates TripCase from other travel apps, and it will continue to have more insights for consumers as the next release is due this summer 2012.

If tracking your itinerary within the app isn’t enough, you can add TripCase to your calendar. For live updates choose the subscription option, or simply download all trips in a single offline file. You can share your adventures via Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn or create email connections for family & friends.

There is a lot offered in the free app, and as expected more features available in the Pro version. The Pro version offers Seat Maps, Flight Schedules, Directions, SMS Alerts, Conversion Tool, and tracks your travel Bonus Programs. The Pro version is being offered for FREE until December 31, 2012.

OK, so what’s the catch?

If it sounds to good to be true, there must be a reason you wouldn’t want the app right? Well, the most glaring omission from TripCase is the lack of an iPad optimized version. TripCase will run on the iPad scaling the iPhone layout, but this pales in comparison to Flight Tracker Pro or other iPad travel apps.

If you’re an avid TripIt user, TripCase will not import TripIt data so your left switching platforms a thought that stops many users in their tracks.

While the Pro version of TripCase is free until the end of 2012, there has not been any information about what the Pro version will actually cost.

Bottom Line

If you look at the available travel apps many offer the features of TripCase, but none of them offer all the same features for FREE. Flight Tracker Pro is $9.99 and must be used with TripIt which requires a $49 upgrade to the Pro version before you can get Flight Alerts. Flight+ is $2.99 and also requires TripIt.

For an all-in-one travel app at a great price, I would look no further than TripCase.
TripCase - Sabre Inc.