TripItI just returned from a wonderful and refreshing vacation which did, surprisingly enough, include traveling. Terry has covered some of his favorite traveling apps before, including TripDeck and FlightTrack Pro and they are very close to my heart to, syncing with TripIt, the online service that just makes it easy to manage your itinerary.

At the time Terry had a look at TripDeck it outran TripIt’s own application by miles (pardon the pun). Months later however and TripIt has for a while had a new version of their iPhone app available, putting some more power into our hands. So, how well does it work?


Let us start with the interface, like I always do in my reviews. TripIt does not have a bad interface at all, but can still make improvements.

For the main listing page of all your trips, they have used a very standard design built up by a table with all your trips and a tab bar at the bottom, giving you a choice between the different sections.

When you get into a trip, it is still very consistent. Clear icons are showing you what type of event it is (flight, train, activity etc.) and a heading shows you which date it is on. If you are using TripIt Pro, it will display a clear bar at the top which hopefully is green, meaning that everything is scheduled and OK (in terms of flight tracking).


Going into the booking detail of a certain event however, changes things up a bit. Instead of the usual iPhone design elements, we have something that looks more like a custom designed page, for the better. The page gives you clear time information and for flights, information about gates, eventual operated by notices as well as buttons that allow you to find alternate flights, check-in and view airport info. Below all of this is all the rest of the booking information.

I did mention improvements and it is on this page I think they could be made. While the page is not bad at all, and I do not think that they should change it too much, I want some more space. Improve upon the design they have for it now and make it cleaner, more spacious and easier to get an overview. As of right now, it feels slightly cramped.

TripIt: Point Tracker


As a regular TripIt user you will have access to everything that you have set up in TripIt online. The very same booking information is in the app without any losses.

If you are a subscriber to their TripIt Pro service you will also get the flight monitoring inside of the trips as you view them, as well as the point tracker. Their point tracker is a good feature on the website itself, allowing you to track your Frequent Flyer and points accounts in one place, but also brilliant in the app.

Finally, I want to build you a scenario. Let us say that you are away on vacation. Because you are on vacation, you never brought your laptop, you didn’t want to be able to sneak off to do some work. All you took was your iPhone. In that same scenario, let us say that while you were on your trip, you wanted to add something to your itinerary or change some important details in one of the bookings. Simple enough right?

Wrong! The major downside of the TripIt app is that you can only view your itineraries. You cannot edit them in any way, shape or form. Before you go about thinking that you can use another app for this, I want to stop you. You can’t. So while this is probably a question of their API being limited, it is a feature I would like to have, pronto.


Back a few months ago when Terry reviewed TripDeck, both of our iPhones held that application as the application to view a travel itinerary. When I went on vacation last week, which was my first travel with TripIt Pro (a divine experience in itself), I used both TripDeck and TripIt, however found myself constantly going back to TripIt more.

Why I did so is certainly very simple. It had exactly all of the information I wanted. TripDeck had dropped and left out some of the info, which TripIt had. It also displayed more detailed information about my flights than TripDeck (together with FlightTrack Pro) did for me. Sure, I do not get push notifications from TripIt, but it is worth more to me getting all my flight information than getting a push notification saying that my plane took off or landed when I am on it. Since I am using TripIt Pro, they send me a text with any delay info nonetheless.

The one line conclusion? TripIt Mobile is my new favorite way of viewing my travel itineraries. I shot this one by Terry too asking what he used nowadays, as I was writing this and I got the same vote from him. TripIt Mobile, definitely.