Like it or not, this “thing” called Twitter has become a major part of the way business is conducted. Whether it’s a fortune 500 company or a single employee entrepreneur, twitter is a cheap, relatively easy way to promote your business as well as a way to stay in contact with your customers. Then there’s the social networking side of it. Stay in contact with your friends, keep them informed of your whereabouts with geo tagging as well as what’s on your mind. The uses for Twitter are endless.
When it comes to an application (or desktop program for that matter) there are a few things that it has to have. First, it needs to be easy to use. I want to be able to automatically log on, tweet, send pictures, and shorten links quickly and easily. Second, it needs to be customizable. I want to have the option of changing the refresh wait period, the background theme colors, and the pop up alerts. I want to be able to choose different image uploading services, and I want to be able to choose whether or not it makes a sound. Tweetdeck does all of these things and more.
I have been a user of tweet deck on my laptop for a while and have been totally happy with it, so when I got my iPad and iPhone4, Tweetdeck was the first app that went looking for. You can read Terry’s review of the iPad version here. He was spot on with his review so it’s a must read before downloading for your iPad. As for the iPhone, Tweetdeck has hit a homerun with this application. They have included all of the above mentioned features as well as many, many more that have made it my go to app for staying on top of my Tweets.

Get it from the iTunes store here from the TweetDeck


When you first log on to Tweet deck you are given the option of adding multiple twitter accounts. This is important for people like me that have multiple twitter accounts. You are also given the option of adding your Facebook account. Once you have the multiple accounts loaded, you can post tweets across all of your accounts at once. This is a really handy feature for me because I have a different follower demographic for each account, but sometimes my tweets are relevant to all of my followers.

Once installed, you sign up (or sign in if you already have an account) for Tweetdeck’s free “cloud” service that keeps all of your Twitter settings, lists, groups, and information so that you can sync between all of your devices. This is huge for me because I use multiple devices across multiple platforms. I have multiple idevices as well as pc’s. Tweetdeck stays synced automatically between all of them.
Inside of the app, you will find a host of features that make your tweeting experience easy and pleasant. You can add multiple columns, for just about anything you want. By default you get a column for ALL FRIENDS that contains just what it sounds like it would, all of the posts from all of your friends. You also get a MENTIONS column containing all of the @ replies to your account. The third column that comes by default is DM’s or direct messages. These are similar to emails, or messages that only you and the other party can see. Along with these three default columns you have the option of adding columns for your lists, twitter trends, or many other things.
A unique feature of Tweetdeck for iPhone that I really like is the “shake to refresh” feature. You have a traditional refresh button at the bottom of the screen, but I prefer to just shake the phone to refresh my tweets.
Overall, Tweetdeck for iPhone is a great application, and with its ability to sync with Tweetdeck for iPad, and the Tweetdeck desktop program, it fills all of the needs of a twitter user and then some. It is easy to use, simple to setup, and best of all, it’s free.