When was the last time you were at an event and people weren’t taking photos with their smartphones? Exactly! It’s probably been years. No matter what the event is we always see people taking photos using their various devices. While I’ll always prefer my Nikon DSLR, the reality is that I have my iPhone 5 with me 100% of the time and my Nikon D600 with me probably 60% of the time at best. We’re all taking pictures at the event, but rarely do we get to see the pics that our friends have taken unless they’ve posted them and we happen to see them. There’s a better way (or an App for that).

Adobe Grouppix creates shared albums in the cloud

Adobe Grouppix is a FREE App that allows you to create shared Albums. All you and your friends need to do is download this free App to your iPhones. One person creates the shared album and invites their friends to it. Now as each of you takes photos and adds them to the album everyone that has been invited to the album will have instant access to all the photos that everyone has shared. The best part is that you can add just the photos you want to share instead of all the ones you’ve taken like Photo Stream does.

You can invite people to your albums via email or in person using the built-in QR code in the app for the album. For example, I was sitting next to my colleague Jason Levine at an event. I had already created an Album and photos were in it. I tapped the Add Friends button and tapped on “Scan a Pass”. A QR code for that album was displayed and Jason just tapped Join Album on his iPhone and a QR code scanner appeared. He scanned my screen and within about 2 seconds the pictures appeared on his iPhone. Cool!

What if they don’t have an iPhone? If you want to share your album to people that don’t have an iPhone you can turn on the Web Sharing feature for any Album including the ability to download the photos.

P.S. If you’re an Adobe Revel user these albums will also show up in your Revel account.

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