iOS includes decent support for viewing PDFs. However, unlike Mac OS it doesn’t provide the ability to create PDFs. Surprisingly you’re on your own to use 3rd party apps if you want to create PDFs. While I have great PDF Apps for my iPad like PDF Expert for viewing/managing/PDF forms and even Adobe’s own Create PDF for creating PDFs from various file formats, there was one glaring omission, the ability to create a PDF from a web page. Just the other day I wanted to send a colleague my travel itinerary that was on TripIt allows you to share itineraries, but only if the person you’re sharing with creates an account/logs in to see it. In this case it wasn’t really necessary for this person to have a TripIt account. A simple PDF would have been fine. No luck from the TripIt App. Also no luck even from viewing the itinerary in Safari on my iPad. Ultimately I ended up emailing a screen shot from my iPad and I thought to myself, “there must be a better way.” I figured that there had to be either an App that looks like a printer to iOS, but makes PDFS (that would be ideal) or at least an App with a built-in web browser that you could use to get to the webpage you wanted to make the PDF from and then make it from within the App. The latter is what I found…

Web To PDF for iPad is exactly what I was looking for

The concept is simple. Web To PDF has a built-in web browser (many apps do). You navigate to the page you want to make the PDF from within the browser and then tap the Create PDF button and your PDF is generated within the App. You can even navigate to multiple sites/pages and continue to build a multipage PDF (nice plus). Once your PDF is built, you can email it directly from the App or use the Open In command to open it in your PDF app of choice. Of course unlike a screenshot, Web to PDF will grab all the pages of the webpage you’re viewing even if they scroll past the current view.

I’m stunned that iOS doesn’t do this natively. However, I’m happy to have found at least one App that does it.

Web to PDF for iPad iTunes

Web to PDF for iPhone iTunes