to give away a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate

That's right! We're trying to get the word out about and one way to do that is to give stuff away. So we're starting with a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate to one of our lucky readers.


How to Enter

Entering for the drawing is really easy! Just leave a comment below on this post. telling us your favorite iPhone/iPod touch app. That's all you have to do. The deadline to leave your comment is Sunday, January 17th, 2010 at 6PM EST (GMT-5) and we'll pick a winner from one of the comments based on a random draw. Each comment will be assigned a number. So if you're the first comment you'll be #1 and so forth and so on. We'll use the Random Number iPhone/iPod touch app to actually pick the number. The winner will be announced here on Monday, the 18th, 2010.


Q. What does my comment have to say?

A. Just tell us what your favorite iPhone/iPod touch app is. Something like "my favorite App is Learn the Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White".

Q. Does it have to be Terry's App?

A. Yes

Q. Really?

A. No, just kidding. List whatever your favorite app is.

Q. I left a comment but I don't see it yet.

A. All first time commenters have to be approved manually and well that takes time. Be patient, unless you violated the "no nasty comment" rule, your comment will appear eventually. 

Q. Do I have to use my real email address?

A. Yes, although no one else will see your email address but us, we do need the real one to email your certificate to. Before we purchase and email the certificate we will send a regular email to the winner to make sure the email address is valid.

Q. What will you do with the email addresses that are entered?

A. Absolutely nothing. We have no intention of emailing anyone at any time besides the winner. Nor will we give out your email address to anyone else.

Q. What if the winner never responds to the email?

A. We'll give the winner an ample amount of time (5 days) to respond to our email. If the winner doesn't respond in that time we will draw another winner.

Q. Do I have to use the Gift Certificate to buy apps?

A. Nope, you can use it to buy/rent anything you want in the iTunes Store.

Q. Do I have to have an iPhone or iPod touch to enter?

A. Nope, you just have to leave a comment below telling us (I guess what would be) your favorite app.


Drawing Rules

Multiple entries not allowed. One entry per person please. Multiple entries from the same, person, email address/IP address will be automatically disqualified.

Reply Comments to other Commenters will NOT be counted. 

US ENTRIES ONLY! Unfortunately the iTunes gift certificates can only be used in the US store (which is where it will be purchased from). While anyone can enter and win, the certificate will only be valid in the US store. So keep that in mind if you live outside the US.

Lastly any whining of any kind is cause for immediate disqualification 🙂


Good luck!


P.S. – While you're here…

Since you've taken the time to come to the site and enter the drawing, spend a few minutes looking around. There are categories on the right of Apps that have already been reviewed. Don't forget to check out Terry's Must Have Apps here. You can see the last 4 reviews by clicking the icons at the top of the page. Also check out Terry's Recommended Accessories Guide. Thanks and of course don't forget to bookmark/add this site to your RSS feeds. I would dare say that since you have an iPhone or iPod touch that you probably know others with them too. Don't forget to tell them about the site as well. What? It will mess up your odds of winning if more people know about this? Gotcha. OK, tell them after the contest is over. 😉