Without a doubt, one of the most vital parts of a website these days is analytics. Tracking the data allows the site owner to track many things including what type content their users prefer, where most of the visitors are coming from (ie. search engines, social media links etc.), and much, much more.  When I was working with my web designer to build my website (Jasonlykinsphotography.com) I took his advice on which service to use and went with Woopra. Woopra is a web analytics company that offers a few features that I really like (like an iOS App), and they have a free version that suites my needs perfectly. My site is based on a WordPress platform, but Woopra is able to be implemented into many different types of websites so if you have a website check the service out. While Woopra is an awesome analytics service with just the desktop software that it provides, the iOS App is really what puts it over the top for me.


All of the Basics

Woopra does all of the things that you would expect and more when it comes to analytics for websites. What makes this App really nice, is that you are able to access all of those features right from your device. This isn't a watered down control set. You are able to see everything that you can see from the desktop App, but on the go! The first thing we think of when we talk about this topic is visitor tracking. From within the App users can view overall visitor counts for that day, that week, that month, quarter, or year. Drilling down to the day for example gives a list of the last 30 days broken into how many visitors you had per day. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. A look down the list shows the ability to view the countries that our hits come from. Unfortunately it shows the flag for the particular country and not the name. I know the major ones, but I have no idea what some of them are. I wish there was a way to change this to show the flag and/or the name of the particular country. The city and region view spells out what the area is, so why not the country section. Companies shows the ISP service that the visitor was using when they dropped by. While overall visitor count is important and the other lists talked about so far are fun to look at, I find that bounce rate, and visit duration are two of the most important tools for me. They help me determine what content my viewers like, and what content my viewers don't like.

The Not So Basic

The things listed above are features that you would expect SHOULD be in an App from a service like Woopra. Here are a few things that they do that I felt were a little above the "required".  From right within the App you can see the platforms, browsers, languages, and screen resolutions that the people viewing your site are using. You can also see which pages get the most hits, which pages are the landing pages (the page that people are going directly to first), exit pages, downloads (if you have any), and the most popular outgoing links. On down the page you are able to see what type of people refer to you most (backlinks, social media, search engine, direct, etc.).


Live Visitor Interaction

One thing that I really love about Woopra, and the Woopra App is the ability to see real time what is going on with your site. At the bottom of the App there are two tabs that really make this happen. The first is "Visitors". this tab shows a list of the current active visitors on your site. It shows The visitor, all of the statistics about that visitor, and what page they are currently on. This is all happening live. Real time. The next really cool feature on the App is the Chat function. This lets you actually chat with your visitors from your iPhone or iPad.

The Bottom Line

From the images above you can see, I don't get near enough traffic on my site. That being said, I still like to see what traffic I am getting, and what I can do to make the site more appealing to people. Heck why not stop on by yourself and check out some of my photographic work. If you have your own website, I cannot say enough about the Woopra quality, and the great value. If you already have Woopra, you should definitely check out this App. It will tie your website analytics to you real time on your iPhone or iPad.


You can get Woopra for iPhone and iPad from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes